DC Labor Day - Day 1

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Instead of the usual weekend trip down the shore, this year's Labor Day Weekend was spent in Washington, DC. Having been to DC twice but never doing all the touristy things, I was super excited to do something out of the normal. 

Since this trip was very last minute, hotel prices were pricey with the holiday and students moving back into school. Gerald and I were able to score a decent deal at The River Inn. To our surprise, the room included a living room area and a kitchen, which we did not use, but it was still nice to have. The location was right in Foggy Bottom allowing us easy access to our destinations by subway or a cheap Uber ride. 


Our firsts top in DC after checking into the room was Buredo. Having learned about this place and the concept of Sushi in the form of a burrito, the foodie in us had to check it out. All sushi burritos were made right in front of the customers and the restaurant was super clean with artistic graffiti drawings covering the wall. Two set of picnic looking tables and chairs allowed customers to sit down and eat but due to the popularity, open seats required a bit of a wait. I ordered the delicious Sofie which contained shrimp tempura while Gerald ordered the Hanzo with yellowfin tuna sashimi. Buredo, if you can hear us...please open up in New York ASAP!!


Next stop was to the White House and the Washington Memorial. I was surprised to see  that it was not too crowded especially with the amazing weather and it being Labor Day weekend.

Having had lunch pretty late in the day, we headed to dinner at The Partisan at the end of the day. The Partisan was a classy restaurant/ bar with a hip atmosphere. The charcuterie we ordered as an appetizer was absolutely delicious.

Main courses include carrot fusilli tri-color pasta, Kimchi sausage, Thai chilis, cucumber, cilantro. Beef fries, burger and pork belly included.

We would definitely recommend this place and would love to go back.

Protip: Make a reservation! 


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