Echoes - ODESZA feat. Py

Every ODESZA track I've heard to date has always instantly caught on for me. This track is no different. This one in particular has a mellow vibe with vocals by Py. Having never heard of Py, I jumped over to her Spotify section and found a few more tracks of her's that I enjoy. Thanks, ODESZA!

Shakehips - All My Friends feat. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper

This song is the perfect "end to a Friday night out anthem" It is a bit difficult to  describe the beat but it definitely has a "sway from left to right" dance-y vibe. Having never heard of All My Friends, this track came as a surprise. As always, Tinashe & Chance The Rapper did not fail to deliver.  

No Sense - Justin Bieber

The title of this track accurately depicts how I feel. Having never been a Justin Bieber fan, I was shocked to find myself loving his new album. From an R&B vibe to dance music,  teaming up with Jack U (Skrillex and Diplo) is definitely the right career move for Justin's comeback. 

Be Right There - Diplo & Sleepy Tom

It's been a busy year for Diplo from reviving Justin Bieber's career to teaming up with Skrillex and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

"Be Right There," one of Diplo's catchy songs of the summer may sound familiar from the first listen as it samples "Don't Walk Away" by Jade. I personally enjoy how this song starts off a bit mellow and builds up to a super dance-y club hit. Make sure to give it a listen as you get ready for your next night out!

Hello - Adele

Earlier in the week, media sources were busy buzzing about Adele's new single. Hello.

Being an Adele fan since her debut album 19 from 2008, I was very excited to wake up in the morning and find out about Hello. Adele's voice and delivery still has the same emotion spark as the song that made me fall in love with her, Chasing Pavements. It was comforting to find that Adele did not let motherhood effect her style of music. In fact, Adele admitted in a radio she originally had a whole album about her experience of motherhood but deemed it boring. 

From memes to cell phone texts of Hello, the general theme depicts an individual finally reminiscing on a lost friend or loved one that has moved on. Does this remind anyone of Someone Like You?